Dental Emax Crown

Dental Emax Crown

eMax dental crowns can last for 15 years

eMax Crown: Its Benefits and Drawbacks

A tooth-like layer generally known as a dental crown is placed over the original tooth mainly for cover as well as a protective measure. Dental crowns have advanced over time that it’s almost impossible to distinguish them from your original teeth. There are also added benefits that come along with its advancement such as:
• Repair the shape and size of a tooth
• A total cover-up of a discoloured tooth
• Restore normal bite force
• The original form of your face won’t be altered
• The right alignment of your teeth is maintained

eMax Crowns

There are various reasons why a person would want to have a dental crown. But whether it’s for treatment or cosmetic reasons, getting an eMax crown is one of the best options for tooth concealment. The eMax brand is one of the most advanced in dental crowns crafted from a material called lithium disilicate ceramic, the main component which makes eMax crowns twice as strong and visually appealing.

Besides having a dental crown for aesthetic purposes, eMax crowns are widely recommended by dentists for essential dental health reasons such as:

• Protecting a weak tooth from further cracking or breakage
• Covering a broken tooth with only a small foundation left
• Saving a fractured tooth by holding it together
• Can be used to coat dental implants
• Used for supporting a dental bridge
• Cover and protect the hole due to a recent root canal treatment
• Used to conceal a discoloured tooth

Preparation of eMax Crowns

The first visit to your dentist can complete the following:
1. Your tooth will be anaesthetised and set for the crown to fit above by taking out a layer of your original tooth. You might experience a little discomfort but this is not an invasive procedure, and you won’t feel any pain.
2. The next phase is taking teeth images or making a digital impression of your teeth by the use of what they call a wand.
The images of your teeth are then transferred to a computer that builds the crown’s shape. Until your next visit, a temporary crown will be provided for you; therefore for some weeks, it is crucial for you to be cautious of what you’re eating to avoid damage.

On your second visit, you’ll undergo the removal of your temporary crown. It will then be replaced by your newly crafted eMax crown. Your dentist will do some adjustments until you accomplish a perfect bite. Once achieved, the crown will finally be glued in place. This procedure won’t take much time to complete.

eMax Crown Drawbacks

Just like all other dental crowns, eMax crowns may also have a few setbacks, but these disadvantages are so insignificant that with proper care, it should not be taken into much consideration. Some of these problems may include experiencing post-procedure discomfort but will eventually disappear after a few days.

Cosmetic problems and allergies are not likely to happen. However, fractures or chipping are possible if the crown is cut too thin but this is an uncommon occurrence.

eMax dental crowns can last for 15 years or more depending on an individual’s practices on dental hygiene. Keep in mind that even with a dental crown to protect your tooth, it’s still vulnerable to gum problems or diseases. Every issue is manageable and can be prevented if you don’t fail to give your teeth the appropriate attention and care as well as regular visits to your dentist.


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