Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns

Protective measure following a root canal treatment

Dental Crowns: Weighing the Differences and Alternatives

There are different reasons for having dental crowns. Your dentist may advise getting your teeth crowned if you have severe tooth decay or has developed extensive chipping. Dental crowns are also recommended as a protective measure following a root canal treatment. Another reason for getting your teeth crowned is for improving and maintaining your teeth’s appearance. But whatever the reason is, dental crowns can surely serve its specific purpose.

The cost of each type of dental crown differs. The differences in prices are influenced by factors that your dentist may recommend such as the quality of crowns, the purpose of having your teeth crowned, the number of crowns needed and the type of crown that best suits your specific needs.

The following are the types of dental crowns to choose from:


A gold crown is made up of a very strong and solid material which can resist heavy bite force. But in contrast to its strength, this crown is softer than the enamel of your tooth and won’t be harmful to your other teeth. Granting that this type of dental crown is hugely noticeable and more expensive, it would last a lifetime.


Besides its durability, a porcelain tooth crown is one of the first choices of individuals whose initial concern is to maintain their tooth’s aesthetic appeal. White porcelain can completely replicate your actual tooth enamel. They match the shade, colour and size of your natural teeth because of its smoothness and transparency, especially the modern ones which are virtually undetectable. Porcelain crowns are biocompatible, supporting your normal gum tissue beside the crown to develop. There is no danger of allergic reactions as well as sensitivity to hot or cold food or drinks is decreased or completely prevented.

Nevertheless, Porcelain crowns are likely to crack or break on heavy impact or severe temperatures. Considering they’re one of the more costly types of crowns, they are not as strong as metal teeth crowns.


Due to its crystal form, Zirconia crowns are almost unbreakable and stable enough to be placed in nearly any area of your mouth resulting resistance in breakage and restoration of the normal functioning of the tooth. It also has the cosmetic advantage of being translucent and will blend well with your teeth’s natural colour. Teeth preparations for Zirconia crowns are minimal, and the risks of allergies are also rare.
Although there are no significant drawbacks for Zirconia crowns, they may sometimes tend to cause abrasions which may have an adverse effect on the opposing teeth. However, Zirconia is less expensive than the others.


Commonly termed as porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns, this combination offers maximum durability and strength to resist impact or massive bite force due to its metal foundation. Along with proper dental care, the level of success rates is higher. In addition, they’re one of the most affordable alternatives to the pure porcelain crowns.

On the other hand, this type is not the best option for aesthetic purposes as the metal base tends to eventually create a darker form on the crown near the gum line. Your dentist also needs to remove a large amount of your tooth in order to place the crown. Discomfort due to sensitivity to temperature changes is possible. Bearing in mind that it has a metal base, allergic reactions may occur to some people with elevated susceptibility to metal.


When it comes to alternatives concerning the traditional ceramic crowns, eMax crown is a brand name for a specialised kind of ceramic made of a material called lithium disilicate. Due to its exclusive composition, an eMax crown has more durability, and the cost is higher, but it is long-lasting as compared to an ordinary ceramic crown.


BruxZir is another brand name for crowns composed from solid zirconia. This is the best alternative for traditionally used zirconia crowns as they have double the strength, resistant to chipping and has an added smoothness to the surface. They possess all the similar benefits but eliminating the disadvantages of a traditional zirconia crown.

Every dental crown will be specifically designed and prepared precisely to fit as well as blend excellently with the rest of your teeth. Whatever option you choose, you’re sure to receive all the benefits your dental crowns have been made to provide you with, and they’re guaranteed to last for a long time with proper hygiene and regular visits to your dentist.


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