Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges

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Losing a tooth can be a traumatic experience that can affect your self-esteem and life quality. Dental bridges are one of the most recommended procedures for people with missing teeth, due to their simplicity, affordability and broad benefits.

A dental bridge is a replacement of missing teeth by creating a bridge of false teeth made of porcelain or metal that sits over the two teeth on either side of the gap. An experienced dentist will determine which type of dental bridge is best suited for your specific condition and create a customized bridge that will blend with the rest of your natural teeth.

Here are some points to expect with Dental Bridges:

Procedure - You’ll be fully conscious throughout the dental bridge placement procedure, however your dentist can give you a mild sedative to keep you calm if you feel anxious or uncomfortable.
In the first visit the bridge specialists will take an imprint of your mouth that they will use to create a customized bridge with perfect fit for your mouth.
In some cases, temporary crowns are placed when necessary as added protection for your teeth while your bridge is being created and customised. In your second visit, you will get to try on your bridge and the doctors will make any adjustments for your comfort before fixing it in place.
The best part is that you can go back to eating and speaking normally hours after your appointment and can enjoy your new smile for years to come.

Pain Expectations - Since local anaesthesia is applied during the dental bridge placement procedure, you won’t be feeling any pain. However, keeping your mouth open for several hours will most probably result in some soreness around the areas of your jaw. Your dentist will prescribe pain medications to take when necessary, or a simple ice pack placed on your jaw can help ease your discomfort.

Recovery - When it comes to dental bridges, expect a very minimal recovery time. One can start eating normally right after the procedure. A majority of our patients reported not having any problems getting accustomed to their dental bridges. However, there might be cases of a bridge getting a rough patch, but your dentist can quickly fix this.
A renewed smile through dental bridges is just one of the benefits offered by this simple dental procedure. It is also by far one of the most recommended options when it comes to your mouth’s general condition. Contact Smile Renewal, and our team of professionals will be more than happy to assist your dental needs!

Why Smile renewal

The specialized doctors at Smile Renewal in Hoi-An, Vietnam have years of experience creating and managing thousands of dental bridges and use the latest treatment techniques and procedures.
In addition, Smile Renewal only uses the highest quality dental material and offers affordable options to ensure that you get the care you deserve.

The professionals at Smile Renewal are so confident in their results that they offer a 24 month warranty on their dental work!

Four Types of Dental Bridges

  • Traditional Dental Bridges - This most common type of dental bridge comprises of a false or replacement tooth or teeth secured by dental crowns that have been bonded on each of the false teeth. This can be done when natural teeth are present to both sides of the space caused by the missing tooth.
  • Cantilever - This type is basically like the traditional type, but the dental crown will only be cemented to one replacement tooth. So unlike the traditional dental bridge, you would just need one natural tooth beside the gap to proceed with cantilever bridge procedure.
  • Maryland Dental Bridge - Maryland bridges use one natural tooth on both sides of the space as the traditional bridge. But the difference is that Maryland Bridge utilises a porcelain or metal support that is secured behind the false tooth to keep it in place. However, these type of dental bridges isn’t as tough as those that are cemented or bonded in.
  • Implant-supported Bridge - This type of dental bridges is the best option if you lost more than one tooth. Implants are used hold the bridges in place by securing them to the jawbone for full support, stability, and stability. Dentists often use one implant for each missing tooth.


  • Renewed Smile - An obvious gap between your teeth is probably one of the most unappealing sights. A renewed smile through dental bridges is just one of the benefits offered by this simple dental procedure. Losing a tooth whether from natural causes, injuries or medical reason, can ultimately affect your confidence and life quality.
  • Enhance your Overall Appearance - The dental bridges can not only enhance your appearance by replacing the missing tooth, but they also prevent sagging of the muscles and soft tissue around the mouth which helps with both eating and speech.
  • Confidence - By keeping your jaw bone filled, dental bridges prevent the movement of your other teeth towards the empty space which can completely change the function and look of your mouth, and even cause bone loss in portions of your jaw bone. Dental bridges will not only bring comfort to your mouth but will also boost your overall confidence.
  • Comfort & Cleanliness - Dental bridges are also more comfortable and hygienic compared to dentures, since they don’t have to be removed and cleaned.

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