IPS Emax Crown

IPS Emax

Remarkable Combination of Superior Performance and Beauty with IPS Emax Crown

When it comes to a selection of dental crowns, eMax® crown is the number one choice of the majority of dental practitioners all over Australia. Each crown is crafted from lithium disilicate ceramic block for lifelong strength and durability. It has also been formulated from sophisticated materials to create an appearance and texture of an actual tooth as these are the qualities that are highly sought after by most dental patients. With its translucent form, eMax® crowns are capable to physically match the colour or shade of a person’s teeth.

By producing these features, eMax® crowns are undoubtedly the most popular and preferred by both dentists and patients. Each crown is made with the durability and strength to prevent chipping as compared to porcelain which is widely known to develop cracks or chips and eventually resulting in breakage.

In addition to its aesthetic value in contrast to other crowns, eMax® crowns are developed to significantly conceal the greyish metal base usually seen around the area of the gum line. We are all aware that these traditional metal bases do not contribute to attractiveness at all especially when the crown is situated on a tooth that is visible when you smile. And like zirconia, it does not take long to prepare eMax® crowns. Consequently, the overall cost of these crowns may be higher due to all the premium materials they’re made from as well as exceptional features you don’t get to benefit from conventional crowns.

Your need to conceal a tooth either for health or cosmetic purposes using an eMax crown can be easily achieved at Smile Renewal. A wide range of dental services are offered for you to select along with taking advantage of our facilities to keep you comfortable such as our neck pillows, aromatherapy and more.

Superior Performance and Realistic Aesthetic Appeal

By achieving excellent performance while retaining the aesthetic features, IPS e.max is the foremost substitute to tooth restorations that use metal-based materials. Lithium Disilicate and Zirconium Oxide are IPS e.max’s main components which are clinically proven to provide versatility, strength while maintaining an aesthetic appeal. IPS e.max was developed from the IPS Empress Product line by the same team that revolutionized aesthetic preservation in ceramics. So if you want to have that translucent quality, this is your best choice. Stronger by twofold than Empress, IPS e.max has the fundamental strength that can reach 400MPa.

Our expertly skilled technicians are well known for their sophisticated techniques on all-ceramic tooth restorations using product lines from IPS e.max. The highly advanced skills of our technicians can use all of IPS e.max’s innovative features to your advantage and bring about the best result suited for your individual needs.


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