Cercon HT Crown

Cercon HT Crown

With True Color Technology, Cercon HT Defines A New Benchmark For Shade Accuracy!

Cercon HT full contour zirconia from Dentsply is the natural option for posterior restorations. This solid Zirconia crown with no porcelain overlay provides strength and aesthetics. Chip resistant quality makes Cercon HT a preferred treatment option. This material is indicated as an option for bruxers who have broken down natural teeth or for PFM metal occlusal or full-cast crowns. No special crown prep is necessary. The monolithic crowns and bridges milled with Cercon ht full contour zirconia are 26% more translucent than conventional zirconia. Due to the material's high strength, very thin crowns and bridges can be created which means that more of the patient's natural tooth can be preserved.

Cercon ht is proven to be less abrasive to the antagonist as compared to PFM and the leading lithium disilicate. Plus, the material has translucency that exceeds porcelain-fused-to-metal and vitality similar to natural teeth. Cercon ht is available in zirconia base white, or use the Cercon ht Stain & Glaze Kit to achieve 16 A-D comparable shades

Cercon ht with True Color Technology sets new standards for zirconia when it comes to reproducing the classic 16 VITA* shades. Cercon ht provides the highest level of color accuracy based on our decades of know-how in ceramic shade-matching, our specially selected pigments and our own mixing and shade formulations – and that for almost all popular “open” milling units. Cercon ht is indicated in the anterior and posterior segments for: • Crowns • Telescopic primary crowns • Multi-unit bridges (with no more than two pontics between abutment crowns; with no more than 6 units*)

Benefits of Cercon HT

  • True Color Technology
  • Easy handling
  • Time saving & efficiency

Validated Safety

  • Cercon is as safe as metal-ceramics - Two long-term clinical studies delivered the only clinical proof that the results for Cercon zirconia bridges were comparable to those of metal-ceramic bridges, the gold standard (Sailer et al. 2009). 40-month survival rates were 100%.
  • Cercon offers the broadest range of supported indications- Clinical studies on cantilever bridges (Wolfart et al. 2009) and wide- span Cercon bridges (Schmitter et al. 2009) have demonstrated high levels of safety for Cercon in different indications.
  • Cercon is the only zirconia with a scientifically supported veneering ceramic concept- Cercon is the only zirconia material for which the systemic safety of ceramic veneers has been scientifically studied. Extant studies include in vitro and clinical research, but also naturalistic observations

Most frequent complications of fixed all-ceramic restorations

  • Biological Failure - due to an increased loss of tooth substance, given preparation recommendations of up to 2 mm Solution
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