Facts About Pho – Tourists Top Favorite Food When Traveling to Vietnam

Facts About Pho – Tourists Top Favorite Food When Traveling to Vietnam

Pho (pronounced fo-uh) is one of Vietnam’s national foods that has taken over the world. This simple dish consisting of the clear aromatic broth, Rice noodles (they are called bánh phở), your choice of meat and fresh herbs (holy basil, coriander and mint), has become a go to comfort food for many in Australians. The key to the best Pho is the length of time the broth is cooked; the best chefs will leave the broth to simmer overnight for 14-16 hours.

In the early 20th century pho originated in the North of Vietnam and soon the recipe for this healthy food was carried all over the country. Today there are two main types of Pho, the one from the North which has more Spring onions, and the one from the South that has a sweeter broth and bean sprouts. Vietnamese food and specially Pho became very popular in Australia first in the 70s and 80s with the influx of Vietnamese immigrants who missed the taste of home. Those initial restaurants have since been experienced by Australians looking for exotic but healthy options and are some of the most popular restaurants in the city.

Vietnamese food has been touted as some of the healthiest around the world and Pho has gained the title of “the miraculous soup that can cure (almost) anything”. The rich broth, often made with bone broth, has benefits such as improving your digestive and immune systems, bones and joints, hair and teeth. The fresh herbs are also full of antioxidants that also help speed up recovery.
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If you are travelling to Vietnam soon, one of the best places to try Pho locally is Hoi An, a small coastal town with a rich history, known for its preserved ancient town with canals that cut through the maze of temples, shops and historic houses. You can get the most authentic Pho from the street food vendors who have been making this dish for generations and can tell you all about the history of this national treasure. There are also several cooking classes that will walk you through the delicate process of preparing the broth and cooking the various ingredients together.

If you are a traveller, and a foodie, this article about Ten Delicious Dishes From Around The World is a must read.


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